Counting worksheets 1-20 free printable workbook

counting worksheets 1-20

Check out this counting worksheets 1-20, it uses lots of different pictures and are placed in a different way each time so your child has to pay attention as he/she counts.  There are 3 sets of 10 worksheets grouped into:

1 to 5

6 to 10

11 to 20

The aim of this is to build confidence and competence, plus provides lots and lots of practice!  You can use this as a workbook or just print individual sheets to use as and when you want to.  I’ve also added some progress sheets, this is great if you are using precision teaching methods.

Here are the free printables for you to use at home or in school

counting worksheets 1-20

Counting Images worksheets counting worksheets 1-5 counting worksheets-6-10 counting worksheets-11-20 counting worksheets progress sheet counting worksheets 1-20

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