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Free educational printable Reading books for toddlers to elementary school age kids.

Reading Slip Series – Tidy Room

                Our latest in our series of free printable reading slips, print them out and cut along the dotted lines, then stack or staple together, you can laminate them if they are for heavy use.  The sentences are very simple, they tell the story of Emma who has… Read More »

Reading Slip series – Time for Bed

Here are free printable reading slips to print out and create a slip book, these are excellent for readers who don’t want pictures as prompts.  The sentences are very simple and are designed to slowly build on reading so that you can improve confidence slowly.

Simple Sentences for kindergarten Book 2

As part of our series of Books to use Simple Sentences for kindergarten, here is our second Booklet in the series, these books are without pictures and can be mixed together to be used as flash cards, individual slips or stapled together to read. The intention of these books is to not include images so… Read More »