Simple Sentences Reading Book

When learning to read, simple sentences reading book can be a very good tool to use, the sentence contains one independent clause and no dependent clause, or you could say it has one subject and a verb

for example

“He went to the school”

By reading lots of these examples, children in Kindergarten can learn to read. They include sight, cvc and dolch words.

I’ve created the first in a series of books that contain easy to read sentences without images, they are random sentences designed to build confidence in young readers.

This is a free printable available to use at home or in school, you can laminate them and shuffle the pages or staple them into a book for reading. I’ve included a nice cover if you want to make a book.

Here is the first in a series of books before we move onto compound and complex sentence.

Simple Sentences Reading Book

Book 1 

Simple Sentences Reading Book

All items are free for download, remember to bookmark this page as I will be adding more to this series in the coming weeks.

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