Sight Words List for Kindergarten free to print

Download and print these free sight words list for Kindergarten level, these can be printed and cut out to use as flash cards or in games like :

  • Word Snap – Print multiple copies of the sheets, shuffle and split between you and the child, then play snap but each time the card is put down, the word must be read, normal snap rules apply!
  • Match the cards – print two copies of one sheet (only use one sheet at a time), cut out the flash cards and shuffle, place each card face down, the child must match the cards and read out each card while doing so.

In the download i include:

Printable list to use as flash cards

Printable list to use as handout to give to parents to learn words at home

Printable test for each list

Printable progress checker for all lists

Printable achievement certificate to hand out once the words have been learned

Here are the awesome free sight words list for kindergarten level printables:

pre primer sight words

Primer Sight Words


sight words list for kindergarten


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