Printable Alphabet Flash Cards for letter recognition

Teach your children their alphabet with these printable alphabet flash cards, there are plenty of different styles to choose from.  Each set of printables includes 26 flash cards some with some nice pictures to accompany the letter.  There are also some flash cards which only include the letter, these are excellent to use for spelling words and alphabet bingo.

I’ve tried to mix them up a bit, I have one set which includes animals and food.


Printable Alphabet Flash Cards without pictures

This set is small but they are great for instant recall when your children are learning their letters.

I use these with my son for quick letter recognition and also for spelling words, for word spelling you need around 3 copies

Alphabet Flash Cards with no pictures

Alphabet Flash Cards Lower Case

Excellent as a start before introducing the upper case letters in the alphabet.  I prefer to start with lower case then once they are recognised on sight I move on to upper case letters.

Upper Case Flash Cards

Alphabet Flash Cards for word spelling

Plain Alphabet Flash Cards for word Spelling

This is just one idea to use them, you can spell simple 3 letter words then move on to longer and more complicated words.

Cards with Images

Here are some alternative cards with images :

images with picturesThese are also wide enough to be able to fold, so that you can have the image on one side of the card and the letter on the other side.  Why not download these fab picture alphabet flash cards


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