Number Line addition worksheets free printables

You will find lots of different Number line addition worksheets to use as a good way to learn how numbers are ordered, how numbers look visually and learning the method of addition and counting with numbers.

All of the worksheets on this page are free, by clicking on the image you will be able to print or save the pdf version of this file.  I’ve also included some certificates to present to your child once they have completed the worksheets!

Number Line addition worksheets

Here are the basic worksheets to use first, then to build on what is learned with later more advanced formulas:

This worksheet only adds to 10, there are four sheets, no formulas are repeated.

number line addition worksheets


Tiger Award - Number Lines to 10

Here is the same worksheet but to 20, there are four worksheets and no formula is repeated, it does not include numbers that add to 10 (see the previous printable above!)  I’ve kept it in the same format as the file above but changed the animal!

Addition Number Lines - 2nd Grade img

Lion Award - Number Lines to 20


These last two sheets are for the Octopus award, where the formula must be filled in.addition number lines fill in the formulas img


Octopus Award - Number Lines Fill in the Formulas

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