Reading Slip series – Time for Bed

Here are free printable reading slips to print out and create a slip book, these are excellent for readers who don’t want pictures as prompts.  The sentences are very simple and are designed to slowly build on reading so that you can improve confidence slowly.

Printable About Me Worksheet Free

An excellent way to get to know your students is to get them to write about themselves.  Many students find it hard to write about what they like and don’t like without prompting.  Here is a free printable about me worksheet that you can use with your students, they can draw a picture of themselves,… Read More »

Decimals Tenths Worksheets

Check out these free Decimal Tenths worksheets, practice fractions and Decimals in the Tenths, recognizing fractions and Decimals.  Great way to practice Fractions and Decimal workings.  Free for use at home or in school.

Summer Word Search free printable

Free Summer Word Search Printable for use at home or in school, just click on the pdf image and print, it includes the word search and the answers (in the image below).  Have fun with your kids finding the 15 summer words, great as an activity after returning to school after the holidays.