Basic Number Sequences Worksheet printable

                  Check out this color printable basic number sequences worksheet, this is an introduction to number sequencing using colors, this is aimed at young children so that they can visualize the colors and learn sequencing in a fun way.  A great exercise to do in class or… Read More »

ocean word search free printable

                A Free printable ocean word search for use at home or in school, contains ocean specific words, search for the following words: Shark Seaweed Jellyfish Octopus Lobster Crab Seahorse Dolphin Whale Waves Boat iceberg sea lion water Excellent as a fun activity in school or to send… Read More »

Measure the rectangle perimeter worksheet

                This is a simple worksheet to introduce your child to measuring shapes using rulers. The worksheet will provide practice with measuring straight lines, adding each line then recording the measurement in the box.  Each answer is a whole number and is very simple to add.  The second sheet contains… Read More »

Measure the line worksheet

                This is a simple worksheet to introduce your child to measuring using rulers.  The ruler is available at the bottom of the worksheet which you can cut out and use or use a ruler instead.  By getting the child to cut out the ruler, they can practice… Read More »

Nature Walk Worksheet free printable

It can be fun when taking nature walks, get your kids to observe what is happening around them, by giving them tasks on a walk.  Get the kids to count the birds, find nests and insects.  Guide them through the nature walk using this fun printable that I created, the kids can record the things… Read More »

Reading Slip Series – Tidy Room

                Our latest in our series of free printable reading slips, print them out and cut along the dotted lines, then stack or staple together, you can laminate them if they are for heavy use.  The sentences are very simple, they tell the story of Emma who has… Read More »